April 05, 2018

One Line. Endless Beauty.

Fact: Beauty does not come in one size, silhouette, style, or shade. The world is more beautiful when we mix, match, and celebrate the individuality of the women around us.

At Beyond Brave, we believe that self expression and personal style are the key ingredients tocreating a look that is both beautiful and confident. Because of this, there is no "right way" to wear our makeup. Our Brave Belles and Beauties are always experimenting with new techniques to personalize their looks.

Explore Your Personality with Makeup

The beauty of the Beyond Brave lines is that you have the freedom to shape your look to bewhatever you want it to be. Thanks to our diverse range of shades, tones, and textures, you cancombine our products to create your own line of Beyond Brave beauty.

  1. Lip Gloss Base + Powders and Glitters – Looking for a particular pucker? Using the Beyond Brave lip gloss base with your favorite powder or glitter layered over top creates a signature shade that is tailor-made for your lips. You can even mix powders and glitters for both color saturation and sparkle!


  1. Eye Shadow Base + Powders and Glitters – The eyes have it! Every pair is unique and a colorful creation of their own. Bring out your baby blues, browns, greens, and greys by mixing any powder or glitter with the Beyond Brave eye shadow base. Get ready to mix, match, and smize, ladies!


  1. Belle Talented Tangerine + Beauty Lip Glosses – Our Talented Tangerine lip gloss is a luminous combination of bright citrus and toasted apricot that adds a punch of warmth and sheen to any of our other lip shades. Pair this powerhouse shade with any of our natural lip tones for some added glam to a daytime look.


  1. Belle Glitters + Beauty Eye Shadows – I think it’s fair to say that sometimes our favorite shade is simply “sparkle.” While many of our Brave Beauty eye shadows have a pop of shimmer, adding a Belle glitter to your favorite shade brings a new dazzling dimension. Check out our favorite dynamic duos:


  1. Diamond Eyes + Beauty Eye Shadows – We love the satiny, silver shine that comes from our Diamond Eyes collection, but sometimes we want a little extra power. Any Diamond Eyes shade can be enriched with higher pigment colors in the Beauty Eyes line. Give these a try:


  1. Blush + Highlighters – Face it: blushes and highlighters are crucial for capturing your personal glow. Combine a Beyond Brave blush with one or our signature highlighters to create a luminous look that’s unique to your palette and skin tone. Try our favorite experiments:


These six tips are only a taste of what you can create using the Beyond Brave product line. The only limit is your own self-expression!


Have a combo that you love or a signature shade that you celebrate? Show it off on Instagram and tag @beyondbraveco. We can’t wait to see what you create!