February 22, 2018

Problem-Solving and Inspiration Make for a Good Origin Story

Telling My Story & the Story of Beyond Brave

As the adage goes, “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” In fact, history is actually made when a strong woman identifies a problem and then creates a solution that changes the game.

I’d like to think that Beyond Brave Cosmetics is cut from that same cloth.

safe makeup for female empowerment

My name is Jennifer Kane. I’m an investment manager. I’m a mother. I’m a business woman. But what does any that have to do with makeup? Like many spunky, creative young girls, my daughter loves playing with makeup. Makeup should be creative, expressive, and fun - not a risky chemical cocktail.

After looking for products for my child, I realized that the makeup industry really misses the mark when it came to creating safe, fun, and empowering products that young women (and their parents!) could feel good about wearing.

My then-five-year-old daughter inspired me to create my own line of products to pick up the slack, but little did I know that I’d already been on a journey to create Beyond Brave for many years.


Ingredients Matter

My love of clean living has been a life-long passion, but it kicked into overdrive when I was pregnant. I learned how the smallest amount of anything – food, drink, the air we breathe - could affect the development your baby, and it is definitely true when it comes to the substances you apply to your skin.

makeup ingredients toxic

The fine print on the back of a makeup bottle can read like a Stephen King novel, but the real terror comes from the ingredients left off of the list. Take the recent Claire’s recall for example: when a formerly popular purveyor of makeup and accessories for tweens and teens gets caught with asbestos in its products, you’re not sure who can be trusted anymore.

Messages Matter

Thankfully, I found some safe makeup choices available on the market, but the colors, packaging, and messaging all lacked the vibrancy and creativity my daughter craved. Specifically, I was turned off by the messaging.  Why not use the multiple times per day most of us touch a cosmetic as an opportunity to reinforce the fact that women and girls are capable of conquering their world and achieving their dreams.  And they can accomplish all of this while remaining kind and supportive to each other.

I wanted to find makeup and beauty products that incorporate the empowering messages of girl power and equality at a young age, because this teaches our daughters that such values are not just a trend, they are an expectation.

Enter Brave Belle by Beyond Brave.

The Brave Belle line was created as a safe place for parents to let their children express themselves through vibrant makeup that is not only safe, but imparts a powerful message.


Progress Matters

We couldn’t stop there. It became obvious that we needed Brave Beauty, because these messages of affirmation, power, and strength shouldn’t stop at age 12. Teenagers need them. Adults need them. The world needs them.

Beyond Brave continued growing as we added new products in sophisticated colors perfect for any workplace or night out on the town so even grownups could join our movement.

 It is incredibly humbling to watch Beyond Brave continue to grow and evolve with the young women who wear it. But through it all, my biggest accomplishment has been striking the balance of mom and career woman that I always knew was possible. Everyone has their own unique definition of success. I am proud to have found mine.