February 08, 2018

Five Ways We Go Beyond Your Typical Beauty Brand


From Instagram to YouTube, large brands and small, the beauty industry is having a moment. But with so many brands to choose from, and a constant onslaught of new product launches, the abundance of choice can feel overwhelming.

However, at Beyond Brave, we like to think of it this way: With choice, comes power.

Rather than settling for any brand or product, YOU have the power to be selective. We firmly believe in supporting brands you can get behind, and we know there are plenty of choices out there. Besides, you don’t settle for anything else in life, so why settle on your cosmetics?

So why choose Beyond Brave? We’ve got five reasons for you.


1) Safe, Non-Toxic Ingredients

Like many things in life, Beyond Brave was born of necessity. After her young daughter experienced an allergic reaction when playing with her makeup, our founder, Jennifer Kane set out to find options that were safe, non-toxic, and positive in their messaging. But when her search came up short, she took matters into her own hands, and Beyond Brave was born.

Your health should never be compromised for the sake of self-expression and feeling confident. Beyond Brave is committed to producing personal care products that are high-quality, safe, and non-toxic.


2) Beauty is for Everyone

While Beyond Brave was created with the intent of providing safe, non-toxic options for young women, we quickly saw the need to expand the line as the principles that guide the brand are relevant at all stages of life. From ages 0-100, feeling comfortable in your own skin means knowing what you put on it is safe.


3) Empowerment

Historically, the beauty industry has focused on makeup as a means to correct perceived imperfections, reinforce impossible beauty standards, and prey on our insecurities. We want to change that.

We believe that makeup shouldn’t be used for covering up “imperfections.” It should be used to outwardly express who you are on the inside: healthy, intelligent, creative, and bold.


4) Positive Messaging

“Persistent Peach” and “Mentor Mint” are more than just product names. They serve as encouragement during a tough day, a morning reminder to be your best self, and a positive reminder of your personal value and ability to positively impact others.

These small cues reinforce our overall mission of empowerment, because the messages that surround us should reflect our reality – and the one we want to create for the younger generation.

Whether you’re gearing up for a career skyrocketing presentation at work, studying hard for finals, rocking it as a mom, (or all of these!) we want to help you shine with confidence while conquering your day.


5) Giving Back

If you want something done, sometimes you just have to do it yourself. That’s why a percentage of proceeds from each Beyond Brave purchase help fund organizations and educational programs that seek to bridge the gender gap in many professions and paychecks.

Our charitable giving is directed toward three core areas of focus for women:





Brave Beauties Really Can Have It All

From our ingredients and messaging, to the ways we give back, Beyond Brave wants to be an advocate for change within the industry. We expect more from ourselves, from you, and from our world, so that’s why we celebrate individuality, uniqueness, and empowerment, while remaining a positive force in society.

 Ready to join the Beyond Brave Movement? We’re currently looking for our next #BraveBeauty! Tag us in your Instagram photos using Beyond Brave products, and tell us: “What makes you Brave?”