March 22, 2018

“Words matter.”

Sure, it’s a common aphorism, but it’s also true. Words have this immense power to build up or tear down your vision, beliefs, self-esteem, and goals – and do so in ways that go far beyond mere physical tools.

When women are exposed to brand messaging multiple times a day over decades, it’s no surprise that such messages become internalized and become our reality. This is why Beyond Brave commits to injecting motivational, positive messages into the lives of as many women and girls as possible.

When creating a line designed to inspire and empower, we wanted to be thoughtful and deliberate in our messaging. During the brainstorming sessions for our products, our goal was to come up with color names that were not only fun, but bold and unapologetically disruptive.

Whether you’re preparing to ask for a raise, getting ready for the interview of a lifetime, getting the kids ready for their day at school, or studying for that big test, we want our products to serve as small yet consistent reminders to be your best self in all that you do.

Why? Because words matter.

Challenge Stereotypes

We firmly believe that women and girls can do anything they set their minds to accomplish. We want to challenge the old-fashioned way of thinking that powerful titles are innately masculine. It’s that philosophy that inspired names like “She-EO,” “Tycoon Teal,” and “POTUS Pink.”

Blaze Trails

There is nothing more powerful than women lifting up other women! Names like “Rising Rose,” “Mentor Mint,” and “Dream Big Berry” serve as a daily reminder to support, mentor, and champion the women and girls in our lives. Do it for yourself and for the girls who follow!

Redefine Virtues

You won’t find names like “Shrewd Sunflower,” “Assertive Apricot,” “Resilient Red,” or “Persistent Peach” anywhere else. Real beauty goes deeper than a catchy name, which is why we wanted to rethink what we consider to be traits of value in our Brave Belles and Brave Beauties!

At Beyond Brave, we aim to challenge beauty norms and reinforce these values of intelligence, strength, and confidence.  

In the end, we’re more than product names. They lend motivation during an especially difficult day, deliver a quick reminder to bring your best self to the table, and provide positive reinforcement of your personal resilience and ability to be an agent of change in the world.